Casinos, like restaurants or pubs vie for customers amongst the growing number of competition. One way to differentiate the atmosphere of your casino is to add luxury and elegance with the use of stained glass. At Jimenez Stained Glass, we can design, manufacture and install exquisite handmade stained glass masterpieces that will surly create an awe inspiring visual aesthetic component for your visitors to enjoy.

The visual aesthetic begins at the entrance of your establishment and a stained glass door or transom makes an immediate statement. Upon entering the lobby they can continue to be impressed with an exquisite stained glass ceiling dome. Showcase specific areas throughout your casino, such as bars and lobby desks, or a lounge surrounded by stained glass in a geometric or curve style based on the designs of architect. The potential to create exquisite handmade stained glass are endless. Jimenez Stained Glass is here to help create an atmosphere that brings out the essence of beauty and elegance to your casino.

When contracting with native gaming establishments we work with local native artists to create cultural and traditional stained glass designs that personalize and reflect their specific region or tribe.

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