Imagine the breathless beauty of stained glass in your sanctuary?

Stained glass has a long history with the church. The light-transforming glass creates an inspiring, reverent atmosphere. The colorful, illuminated images must have seemed miraculous to the people of medieval Europe, and yet stained glass still inspires awe in modern worshipers. Architectural stained glass began with the magnificent cathedrals of Europe, and we specialize in honoring that artistic tradition and keeping the craft alive.

At Jimenez Stained Glass Studio we have a passion for scripturally-inspired stained glass; we work closely with our clients during the design process in order to create a unique atmosphere for worship. Our Passion is not only to create beautiful stained glass, but to use this medium to translate the scriptures in a way that would unlock the ‘passion’ of Gods heart. Likewise, during our creative design process we can advise on colors and types of glass to get the maximum results from both artificial and natural lighting. We understand the unique struggle involving religious stained glass and are ready to help you through the process.

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