On Site Repair

At Jimenez Stained Glass Studio we understand the immediate service required to fix and restore a broken or damaged stained glass panel in a door or transom. This is why we offer a 45-90 minute free consultation. We match broken pieces and replace the pieces on site at the home, office or building; if necessary we can bring it back to the studio and repair the panel if the damage is extensive. Most front doors can be repaired within hours depending on the extent of damage. Some custom windows use colored glass or beveled glass that we need to match, and may need to be ordered from our suppliers. We can repair most glass on-site, giving you a piece of mind knowing that your stained glass will be rejuvenated without flaw, and eliminate the need for a temporary cover while waiting for a repair to be completed

Please take a few pictures of the overall panel and the broken pieces; this is an efficient means to access the extent of damage sustained by your stained glass window, whether in your door or transom. Through this visual information we can identify the type of broken leaded glass and in most cases provide a glass match or recommendation in a timely efficient manner. We can also give you an estimated cost based on the photo.