Restoration Work

Jimenez Stained Glass considers our clients and their situation concerning stained glass window restoration to be of a unique and challenging opportunity. We work closely with our clients to give them a knowledgeable and honest appraisal. Our appreciation, respect and knowledge of stained glass, allows us to understand your needs. When we approach your windows, we take into consideration the original designers style of stained glass; we then assess the unique challenges of restoring the windows with the clients’ full awareness.

At Jimenez Stained Glass, we educate our clients concerning the difference between complete and partial repairs. Some windows may only need cleaning, or glass repair. We focus on paint or stain replication and work to bring back the original beauty and elegance of vandalized windows. At Jimenez Stained Glass, we believe in returning your stained glass windows to you exactly the way they were first built and installed. This means we only replace and repair what absolutely needs our attention. We do this, because we want the window to remain virtually unchanged but with the rejuvenation, strength and durability to last another 100 years.

Let Jimenez Stained Glass offer you our services in:

  • Complete or partial re-leading
  • Complete or partial faceted repair
  • Complete or partial re-foiling
  • Rejuvenation – cleaning and polishing
  • Complete reinforcing of boarders, re-bar plus cementing
  • Glass research and matching
  • Paint and stain replication
  • Stained glass window re-location and retrofit